Turkey’s Kanal D is putting a spotlight on their top dramas at MIP Cancun, starting with Crossroads, which  tells the story of a wealthy owner of a hotel chain who makes a faulty investment and loses his fortune. Kemal, a businessman, lives a double life in Family Secrets. He has two families, but the truth is soon revealed. Bayram and Salih plan to marry their children to one another in an effort to become friends after a dispute in Flames of Desire. In crime drama For My Son, Poyraz Karayel is a wrongly suspended police officer that joins the mafia in order to get his son back from his father-in-law. Gülru was born in the suburbs and raised in the servants’ quarter of a mansion where her father worked as a gardener in War of Roses. Wounded Love tells the story of a man and a woman who overcome great obstacles—from family pressure to evil enemies—in order to be together.

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