The U.S. is about a month into its fall TV season and there are already some major hits and misses, and, of course, plenty of shows falling somewhere in between. Now, VideoAge realizes things can change rather quickly, and it isn’t fair to calling the lesser performing shows “losers,” but as it stands now, here’s what’s standing out, both at the top and at the bottom.

The hits:

NBC’s This Is Us (Fox TV Dist.)
After just one airing, the show, a personality-driven and emotional drama, got a full season order. Many are saying this is the breakout hit of the season, having beaten its Voice lead-in in ratings twice. That’s not common, folks.

CBS’s Bull (CBSSI)
This drama series, which follows the true story of Dr. Phil,  has remained steady,  taking the coveted title of most-watched new series of the new season, so it’s no surprise that it’s been picked up for a full season. A second season hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s likely.

ABC’s Designated Survivor (e-One)
This series, starring Kiefer Sutherland as a man who surprisingly becomes president of the United States, is the second-most watched new show of the season, so naturally it got a full-season order.

FOX’s Lethal Weapon (WB)
A full season of this series, a remake of the popular film about a pair of cops who work together, has seen more episodes ordered and its ratings increase.

CBS’s MacGyver (CBSSI)
This series, also a remake, this time of a classic TV series, has also seen a full season order.

ABC’s Speechless (Fox TV Dist.)
One of the breakout comedy hits of the season, this series has got the viewers and the critics on its side. A full season was ordered.

CBS’s Kevin Can Wait (Sony)
The new comedy starring Kevin James (of King of Queens fame) has been solid for CBS. We would not be surprised if a second season order was on its way.

The not-so-hot:

FOX’s The Exorcist (Fox TV Dist.)
This is a critical darling, but the ratings don’t confirm it. Maybe not all TV series based on classic movies are a sure thing.

FOX’s Pitch (Fox TV Dist.)
This comedy got a lot of buzz, and many critics like it, but viewers seem to think this series about the first female Major League Baserball player is  anything but a home run (see what we did there?)

ABC’s Notorious (Sony)
This soapy drama, which replaced Scandal while it’s on hiatus, has been losing its Grey’s Anatomy  lead-in by half. Things aren’t looking good for a second season.

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