Televisa has a wide range of series on the slate at MIPCOM, from strong female leads to competition reality series. The Three Sides of Ana depicts triplets who are separated from each other after an accident. After years apart, destiny brings the sisters together. Waking up with You follows Maia and Pablo’s unexpected love story; despite obstacles, remain determined to stay together. After Luciana gets deported and her father dies in Along Came Love, she returns to the U.S. to meet her mother and brother. She unexpectedly falls in love with their boss there. In Dressed for Mourning, three women kill their abusive and irresponsible husbands. They hoped the “accident” would go undetected, but the police discover their bomb. Competition reality series Domus (pictured) follows a competition of 16 men and women who undergo harsh physical challenges indoors and outdoors in a Mars-like set.

Stand— R9.A2

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