Studio 100 Media is bringing a diverse range of kid’s series to MIPCOM. Starting with Kosmoo, a live-action series, about a boy and his dog who seek adventure in their boring town by solving petty crimes. In Night Watch, a live-action fantasy, the village of Dusky Lake is the portal to the underworld. Strange creatures show up, and three guardians must protect the town. Ghost Rockers, a live-action mystery, follows five teenagers with big dreams who form a band in the basement haunted by the spirits of legendary rock stars. In live-action comedy The Adventures of Lolly Laffalot, Lolly spends most of her time at home with her friends trying out the new experiments together. In CGI-animated series Arthur and the Minimoys  (pictured)
10-year-old Arthur discovers the world of the Minimoys while on vacation at grandma’s house.


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