From poverty to fame: Hasta que te conocí follows the path of beloved (and recently deceased) singer Juan Gabriel. The 13-episode series, highlighted by DMDLA at MIPCOM, which chronicles his rise from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to stardom as a successful musician, begins with the story of Juan Gabriel’s mother, Victoria Aguilera Valadez. Played by renowned actress Dolores Heredia, Victoria is a girl from a poor town who sacrifices everything to be with her true love, Gabriel Aguilera. Despite her determination, she is forced to put her son, Alberto, up for adoption in order to provide a better life for him. Maribel, a kind elderly woman played by María Rojo finds Alberto on the streets and takes him in. Wealthy Maria Romero, played by Irán Castillo, is a close friend of the Aguileras who tries to help the family, despite the stigma against poverty and prejudice in the town.


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