MIPCOM is just under 10 days away! To catch up with industry leaders and find out what’s in store for them on the Croisette, which territories they’re seeing emerging, below is a roundup — with links! — of the executives VideoAge checked in with in Miami, Los Angeles, London and Toronto:

  • Starz’s Gene George said his team will have a total of 300 meetings at MIPCOM, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they’re bringing a lot of new titles for those meetings.
  • Blue Ant Media’s Solange Attwood said she believes content is still at the forefront of converastions at MIPCOM, no matter which territory and which platforms it’s being sold to.
  • eOne’s Stuart Baxter explained that as demand grows, so does competition. “Pay-TV and SVoD windows have a greater appetite for edgier, more serialized dramas, which are in vogue today. There are also a lot more new players in this space helping grow the market. However both premium and basic cable markets continue to expand and provide more opportunities for us.”
  • Sonar Entertainment’s David Ellender agreed that a bigger market is better, but he also proves our point that most TV executives are too busy to even look at the conference schedule, let alone attend many conferences.
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