Among former U.S. studios TV distribution presidents, there were some who were larger than life, and Larry Gershman is one of them. And after almost 60 years in the TV business, he’s still going strong.

One would think that, after his recent soul-revealing book “A Kid From Brooklyn” (available on Amazon) all that there is to know about Larry would be known, but that’s not the case, as the November/December Issue of VideoAge will reveal in its 14th International TV Distribution Hall of Fame feature.

Brooklyn, New York-born Gershman has long been a man of strong convictions. With a no-nonsense attitude, the former president of MGM/UA Television Group and co-founder of World International Network (WIN) has been described as a businessman with the aggressiveness and physique of a rodeo cowboy. But, he is also a refined wine expert, a food connoisseur and a raconteur.

Perhaps, due to this larger-than-life image (and not only for his imposing 1.90 m), just mentioning the name “Gershman” to his industry peers increases their blood pressure (visible through reddened faces). However, his bark is bigger than his bite and in effect, he still is a gentle, very generous and honest man.

VideoAge’s feature will follow Gershman from his start in 1957 at the National Television Associates (NTA), a U.S. syndicator based in New York City to Channel 13, followed by CBS-TV, RKO, NBC-TV, Don King Productions and Viacom, until reaching MGM/UA and post WIN: a 60-year span filled with fascinated stories.

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