The legendary Sandy Frank is VideoAge’s International TV Distribution Hall of Fame honoree for the MIPCOM (October 2016) Issue.

Frank is the 13th pioneer featured in VideoAge’s printed edition since April 2015, and the 15th featured in the online version.

After 67 years in television, Frank could write a how-to book about the international TV distribution business. Most likely, he couldn’t write a “how not to” book, because during his long career he never wasted time with things that did not bring results.

Frank’s calling in the entertainment business began in 1949 and 15 years later he started his own company, Sandy Frank Entertainment, which he still runs out of a New York City office. During the past 52 years, Frank has been associated with hit shows such as Lassie, Name That Tune and The Dating Game, among many others.

Always a serious, intense person, Frank took risks in order to succeed. For example, in 1970, barely in his sixth year in business, he guaranteed the William Morris Agency $1 million for the distribution rights of Bill Cosby’s first off-network show. The show was difficult to sell because there were only 52 episodes, which did not fit the strip format or a once-a-week show.

It is believed that no one in the U.S. international television industry doesn’t know who Sandy Frank is or something about him. He’s has the highest name recognition in the industry and seemingly every one can tell a story or an anecdote about Frank, which makes him a TV pioneer who made selling entertainment actually entertaining.

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