Mondo TV brings entertainment for kids of all ages to Budapest, beginning with HD animation series Adventures In Duckport, which follows Suzy Ducken and her friends Jack Quacker, Penelope O’Quinn, Corky Turtle and others go on adventures helping the elder members of their community. In 3D CGI full HD series Cuby Zoo, five cube-shaped animal characters look like toys, but when humans leave the room, they come to life. A gentle giant lives undercover in 3D CGI full HD series Eddie is a Yeti (pictured), and becomes friends with the only person who knows his secret: a curious and shy girl who saves him from an animal trap. In Invention Story, (3D CGI full HD) a thoughtful and creative fox makes a new invention in every episode, which takes place in a magical forest. Nori—Roller Coaster Boy, a 3D CGI full HD series, focuses on Nori, a little roller coaster who lives with his dad in a roller coaster city. An evil tycoon threatens the park to build his own world.

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