Television in 2030 is the focus of VideoAge’s MIPCOM Issue.

How the TV industry will evolve in the next 15 years will be analyzed in 10 steps covering every aspect of the sector: from advertising to production, from technology to ratings.

In this special report, VideoAge makes a distinction between forecasting (short-term) and predictions (long-term).To analyze elements that are yet to be introduced — or even considered — are 10 American and European specialists who, in addition to be top-level executives, are visionaries and TV futurists.

The uniqueness of this VideoAge project is that, contrary to many seminars found at TV trade shows, it is not a platform to showcase the “greatness” of any particular company or what one company has in store for the future, but a forum to explore, predict, illustrate and to anticipate what will be the television in 2030 and how the industry will evolve in the new TV environment.

To paraphrase Benjamin Disraeli when, as the U.K. Prime Minister in 1874-1880 wondered: “If man is a creature of circumstances or circumstances are creature of man,” the VideoAge report will determine if television in 2030 will be shaped by consumers and technology or consumers and technology will be shaped by television.The predictions by experts with foresight will be found in VideoAge’s MIPCOM Issue.

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