This NATPE, once again, will prove that VideoAge is the publication about buying and selling TV content. In both our Monthly and Daily editions readers, will find not a single esoteric article and there will be absolutely no PR-generated profiles. Our pages will only be filled with face-to-face interviews, insightful previews, market reports, news analysis, upcoming trends and product reviews.

The Monthly Issue will have its usual Spanish-language section, while the English counterpart will feature face-to-face interviews with some 20 TV executives.

Of particular interest is a special feature on Miami, the film and TV capital of LATAM entertainment. Plus, VideoAge will also feature in-depth interviews with Telemundo and Televisa executives, explaining their strategy for production, broadcast and content distribution.

In addition to Latin America, VideoAge will focus on Canada and Europe, review the illegal download business and highlight salient passages from the most recent and timely book on Bill Cosby.

As a TV content publication, VideoAge can’t avoid previewing the NATPE market and the recently concluded Asia TV Forum.

Plus, NATPE participants will chuckle when they read an article about selling shows that neither buyers nor sellers particularly like.

Finally, Dom Serafini’s My 2¢ editorial will take on U.S. TV weather forecasts that still use Fahrenheit to report temperatures, miles to indicate wind speed and inches to measure rain and snow accumulation. And this in addition to the calendar of events, travel news and world reports.

VideoAge Daily will naturally focus on the buying and selling of content with plenty of program listings, synopses, new shows and market news. It will continue to serve as the industry’s best marketing tool for exhibitors.

The dailies will be published on Tuesday (the first day of the market) and Wednesday. At 8 a.m. each day of the market, the Dailies will also be available online at Day 2 will feature a special Salute to Cesar Diaz, celebrating his 40 years in the TV business. The eight-page report will reflect on Cesar’s career, which began in Ecuador and also brought him to Argentina, Venezuela and the U.S. It will feature kudus from top-level international TV executives, a collection of archived photos and tribute ads.

Dom Serafini’s My 2¢ daily editorials are still in the works, but they promise to be outrageous as usual, and as always, VideoAge publications will be delivered to all NATPE participants in their hotel rooms, in addition to being available on magazine bins, hand-distributed and available on its own stand in the exhibition hall.

After the market, VideoAge Monthly will be mailed to buyers’ home offices and it will also be available online at

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