A press conference, held in Rome, Italy on September 5, unveiled the key aspects of the Prix Italia 2014 festival and conferences to be held in Turin, Italy from September 20-25.

Prix Italia is organized by RAI, Italy’s state broadcaster, with the support of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Prix’s 100 member organizations from 49 countries worldwide.

This year, Prix Italia will celebrate its 66th anniversary with a retrospective held at the RAI Auditorium on Sunday, September 21, titled, “Prix Italia Reflects the World.”  Welcoming participants will be RAI’s chairwoman Anna Maria Tarantola and Prix Italia’s chairman Rémy Pflimlin, who is also the president and director general of France Télévision.

VideoAge has been covering Prix Italia since 1981, and in Turin, Prix’s delegates will be able to review the history of the RAI Festival through the pages of VideoAge, which has attended almost every edition under six general secretaries.

This Prix also marks the first event under the direction of Paolo Morawski, a RAI executive for years representing RAI internationally and who wants to turn the Prix into “The Innovation Laboratory,” which is also the theme of Prix Italia 2014.

As the new Prix Italia general secretary, Morawski has steered the event toward a more digital world while preserving the Prix’s raison d’être: recognizing excellence in the production of radio, television and Web content. This year, over 450 programs were entered in the four categories each. For radio, 174 programs were entered, for television 190 programs (95 general, 25 performing arts, 27 drama and 43 documentaries) and for Web, 50 programs for two categories. This is in addition to several “special awards” entries.

Among the more than 22 conferences and seminars held throughout the six-day event is Thursday’s lecture by EBU director general, Ingrid Deltenre, who will present “Three Possible Aspects of Television in the Future.”

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