The international TV industry is getting ready for the 51st annual L.A. Screenings, which will take place May 13-23 throughout Los Angeles. Since it’s an organic market, without a central organization, preparations take longer even though, historically, participants can make use of the only tools available: VideoAge pre-market (Latin American TV) Issue and the Studio Issue, both in print and online.

The event will kick off with the Indie Screenings on May 13, followed by the studios’ Latin Screenings on Thursday, May 15 (with Paramount/Ledafilms in the afternoon), and the general screenings will be May 18-23. The Canadian screenings will take place May 12-20 (while deal night is set for May 19).

There are also plenty of parties in L.A. this year. Cisneros’ opening party will take place a day after the first screenings, on Wednesday, May 14. Caracol’s screening and cocktail party will take place on Thursday, May 15, while Telefilms’ on Saturday, May 17.

Sunday, May 18 is Disney’s Upfront Party and Monday May 20 is Sony’s. The traditional invitation-only Veteran’s Luncheon will close the event on Thursday, May 22.

While in L.A. we recommend you pick up VideoAge’s two L.A. Screenings issues (available at all hotels), in which we list all the picked-up network pilots, as well as what’s new from the large and medium-sized studios (cable series included) and the indies for the 2014-2015 TV season. Cover stories include an exploration into the history of the ever-popular Oscars telecast in Latin America and a piece about a new TV battleground in Mexico. As usual, the first Issue will feature its traditional Spanish section, a review of MIP-TV for those who missed it, and a preview of the upcoming L.A. Screenings to get participants prepped and ready.

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