One could well say that MIP-TV never changes: From the praises and grumbles to the weather report.

Indeed the weather is predictable (and to be expected in the month of April in Cannes) and tends to reflect MIP-TV: Partly sunny with chances of showers all around.

Reading reports from past MIP-TV editions — which were prominent because of the market’s 50th anniversary — it seems that nothing has really changed. The competition with Monte Carlo and NATPE is a thing of the past, but the competition with the upcoming L.A. Screenings is growing, and representing a real challenge for MIP.

One way of looking at it is: While the L.A. Screenings is flexible, adapting well to the new business environment, MIP-TV remains rigid and unwilling to change.

Naturally, if one looks only at cosmetics, the look of MIP is different: More people, yes, but only due to new features that have little to do with the buying and selling.

More people are drawn to the market with such additions as MIPCube and MipFormats, and plenty of conferences. But again, that doesn’t necessarily lead to more buying and selling.

Overall it has been a two-day market, out of four, with the opening day slow in the morning but picking up in the afternoon, the second day rather busy all day long and the third day busy in the morning but slowing down in the afternoon. Day 4 was basically closing time.

One interesting trend we noticed was what could be dubbed MIP-cutting (a MIP-specific brand of cost-cutting). While, in the past, companies made sure to send Christmas presents to MIP-TV hotel reservations department to ensure accommodations at top hotels, today the same companies are flaunting the fact that they’re in three-star hotels in Cannes!

Saving on accommodations seems the new, hot way to trim the fat.

On the occasion of MIP’s 50th anniversary, there were plenty of parties. The opening party was crowded (as usual), but kept guests entertained with performances, a birthday cake cutting ceremony and fireworks on the beach sponsored by the Cannes municipality.

On Tuesday morning, there was a small 50th anniversary celebration outside the Palais with desserts and Champagne.

Wednesday night’s Medal Of Honour gala — which honored Armando Nuñez, president and CEO of CBS Global Distribution group and his father Armando Nuñez Sr., who worked at Polygram and Fox among others; Beta Film CEO Jan Mojto; Nicolas de Tavernost, chairman of M6; Sophie Turner Laing, managing director of content BSkyB; and Masao Takiyama, executive officer and senior VP of Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan — was elegant and enjoyable. Among the 350-or so guests who filled the Carlton Hotel was Bernard Chevry, founder of MIP-TV.

One nice perk on the market floor itself was the Veria Wellness Lounge, where MIP attendees could get massages and take a quick (and much needed) break from the busy market.

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