Fifty continues to be the lucky number this year in the television industry, with MIP-TV NATPE and the L.A. Screenings all turning the big 5-0, and Jornadas Internacionales, which will take place September 25-27 in Buenos Aires, celebrating the 50th anniversary of cable TV in Argentina.

We checked in with Walter Burzaco, president of the of Association of Cable Television Argentina (ATVC), which organizes the event along with Argentina Chamber of Producers and Programmers audiovisual signals (CAPPSA), for more on this year’s event and an update on the cable business in Argentina.

VAI: What can we expect from this year’s event?

WB: This year the conference will focus on celebration of 50 years of cable television in Argentina.

Also, discussions will likely revolve around the new government media law and the results and benefits. [Note: In December, a court ruled that against media monopolies, forcing Grupo Clarin — Argentina’s largest media conglomerate — to break up its company.]

VAI: What are some of the most important things on the minds of Latin cable
executives right now?

WB: The asymmetric convergence, the real and regulated interconnection with telephone companies, fair regulation that does not impede investment, and the protection of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

VAI: What are some challenges facing the region?

WB: Combating piracy, especially of the decoders that can capture signals from DTH
satellite services.

There is a particular weakness in the coding of some of these services and this ends up undermining the market for legal suppliers of pay television.

VAI: Any areas of growth?

WB: SME companies have witnessed huge growth in broadband and in investment in digitalization, as part of their ongoing commitment to the community.

VAI: Are you expecting any new participants this year?

WB: We hope that new technology providers attend. The steady progress in this area and the many services that HFC networks can provide, allow equipment and software providers to enter to the market in a big way.

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