The Sixth Annual Florida Media Market (FMM) is unspooling on January 30, 2013 — the day after NATPE ends it run — at the Shelborne Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of spillover from NATPE when it comes to attendees. “It’s a double whammy,” said Maritza Guimet, founder of FMM.

The FMM is not just an event, but also an online resource that allows independent filmmakers to pitch their ideas and meet content buyers, distributors, and production companies.

The event also offers a global Format Day, organized by former International Emmy director general Georges Leclere.

A new category added to this year’s Format Day is “Goddess Mujer Woman,” a competition in which female executives from China, the U.S., Latin America and the Middle East will participate. It will kick off with an inaugural breakfast on January 31. The goal is to create weekly hour programming slots for and about women globally.

“They’ll get to pitch top executives and if they stand out, their projects will be greenlighted,” said Guimet.

“I can tell you from my own experience that the business of show business is complex. My goal is to put independent filmmakers together with executive producers, because they’re the ones with the possibility to greenlight the projects.”

Indeed, FMM is living up to its title as “The Bridge to the World.” Recently Guimet signed an agreement for active participation at FMM with Chinese TV executives Zhong Xuzhao, VP of SRT, Sichuan Radio and Television and Zhou Yanou, manager of International Relations, Sichuan TV Festival. The agreement was brokered by FMM’s China consultant Leclere.

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