The December Issue of VideoAge should be a good tool to prepare for the NATPE market January 23-25, 2012. With seven stories focusing on Latin America, the Issue explores a great number of challenges facing both NATPE and the Latin American TV industry.

“LAM Local Production: Opportunity for Growth,” for example, explores Latin local productions that are being exported to other territories around the globe, often for a high profit.

The Issue then goes behind the scenes at the Cumbre Mundial del La Industria de la Telenovela y Series de Ficción, a telenovela marketplace held in Miami in October.  “Summit Focuses on Telenovelas’ Future,” explores what’s next for the telenoveleros.

Naturally, NATPE itself couldn’t be ignored, so “Miami Success Brings Added Costs to NATPE Exhibitors,” covers what’s new at this year’s NATPE, and discusses why the market continues to be invaluable to Latin executives, despite some higher costs.

Finally, VideoAge analyzes how “ATF’s Latin Presence is Drastically Declining,” exploring how the decrease in Latin executives at Asia TV Forum has affected the market. Our take: That it’s still viable for Latins and others to attend the November event.

However, the Latin focus is not limited to just the front-cover stories; it is extended to the “World” section, with a report on Argentina’s second annual Festival y Mercado de TV-Ficción Internacional (FyMTI).

Similarly, the MIPCOM review points out Latin America’s strong presence and the American Film Market review indicates that the independent film business is getting stronger, all while the AFM is working to fight off illness.

And as always, this issue closes with Dom Serafini’s 2 ¢. This time he argues why print media will survive the test of time against the Web. Read it in print later this month, both at the Asia TV Forum or in you office thereafter. It will also be available on PDF in mid December (because we like to you use the Web to complement print).

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