Jornadas Internacionales (or International TV Days, as it’s translated), organized by Argentina’s Asociación Argentina de Televisión por Cable (ATVC), will take place September 28-30 in Buenos Aires. VideoAge caught up with Walter Burzaco (shown above), president of  ATVC to find out what’s in store this year.

VideoAge International: What is new this year at Jornadas Internacionales?
Water Burzaco: In addition to the traditional exhibitors of equipment and programming, there are several new technology companies which make both the commercial exhibition and technical sessions more attractive.

VAI: How many attendees are you expecting this year?
WB: Jornadas maintains in all its editions an average number of 4,000 attendees from Argentina, Latin America , the U.S. and other countries.

VAI: Where are most of the attendees from? Which region sends the most representatives?
WB: The largest number of attendees come from Argentina, followed by Latin American cable TV operators.

VAI: Are there any conferences, seminars or keynote speeches of note going on this year?
WB: The conferences [address] the following topics: technical (including the SCTE – Society of Cable Television Engineers — conference), political, general interest and “Educator Day.” Since 2011 is a year of presidential and other national and provincial elections in Argentina, ATVC estimates that presidential candidates and first level public officials will be at Jornadas.

VAI: In your view, how has Jornadas helped the cable sector grow in Argentina? In Latin America as a whole?
WB: Since Jornadas is one of the most important cable TV conventions of the region, especially for the large number of cable TV operators who attend it, it has [always] been meeting point to exchange ideas, find new products and services [learn]. All this undoubtedly contributes to the growth of the cable sector in Argentina. Regarding Latin America, the institutional relationship between ATVC and colleague organizations of the region and particularly with TEPAL [Organization of Telecommunication Associations and Companies for Latin America], leads to an exchange of ideas and information that benefits all the cable TV operators and the organizations that gather them.

VAI: What else should participants expect from this year’s event?
WB: The attendees can trust that Jornadas will be once again a very interesting event, to form new businesses and new contacts. Every year, our organization [is impressed] with the attendees’ satisfaction, and the proof is the increasing number of exhibitors and visitors [each year].

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