This year’s L.A. Screenings are set to take place May 18- 27, with the Indie Screenings scheduled for May 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and the Studio Screenings stretching from May 20-27. Also of prime importance to many distributors are the Latin Screenings, which kick of the 19th with Paramount/Ledafilms and last through the 25th with Disney. So far, it seems to be smooth sailing for the event, with only a few small departures from last year, notably, that format powerhouse Endemol told VideoAge that it will not be in attendance.

This year, VideoAge will put out two Screenings issue as usual, one on May 18 (focus Latin America) and one on May 21 (focus U.S. Studios). What follows is a rundown of what attendees can expect from the event.

To begin with, the 2011 L.A. Screenings promise the same thing they do every year: Pilots from the studios and, this year, from some mini-majors. So far, it seems that the studios will have their standard mix of comedy and drama. Shows that have gotten early buzz has included Sony’s reboot for ABC of the Charlie’s Angels franchise, CBS ensemble comedy The Assistants about four assistants who work for a celebrity couple and Warner Bros.’ Georgetown, a drama that follows the lives of young people living in Washington D.C. The CW is expected to have on offer a number teen-skewing programs such as supernatural Secret Circle. A preliminary count numbered 93 pilots, including new fare from cable networks.

For their part, Latin distributors and buyers will once again be occupying a large portion of the Century Plaza Hotel, while the nearby Intercontinental hotel will be housing buyers only. Distributors such as Caracol, Televisa, Record TV, Telefe, Venevision and more will all be premiering brand new telenovelas to buyers. Colombia’s Caracol, for one, is debuting The Witch and Yellow Team, while Mexico’s Televisa is highlighting The Power of Destiny, as well as other new titles Rafaela; With you, Without You and A Fortunate Family.

As part of our focus on Latin America, VideoAge will also be exploring dubbing in Latin productions. Dubbing can be a complicated in the international distribution business, considering that some Spanish accents and dialects don’t travel well, or are not accepted from one country to another.

Also making headlines will be Telefilms’ 50th anniversary. The company director will weigh in on the firm’s inception and 50 years in the film distribution business.

Finally, when it comes to parties, participants should plan for a busy week and a half. Venevision will start things off with a bash on the 18th, with parties to follow from Telefe, Lionsgate, Telefilms, Disney, Sony and Fox.

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