With MIP-TV fast approaching, VideoAge is busy probing industry executive to get a sense of product, projects and prospects that participants will find in Cannes. In this episode, VideoAge has rounded up Opus’ Ken Dubow, Classic Media’s Doug Schwalbe.

VideoAgeInternational: What new product will you be highlighting at MIP-TV

Ken Dubow: We have in production a new Lifetime Film Deadly Sibling Rivalry starring Charisma Carpenter and Christa B. Allen, as well as a new Christmas movie called The Christmas Bunny with Florence Henderson. Other TV movies include Truth About Kerry starring Stana Katic, The Dead Undead with Luke Goss and Love at First Lie.

Doug Schwalbe: We have two new series. The first is Voltron, a commission for Nicktoons in the U.S. based on the iconic ’80s franchise. The other show is the new show from the creator of Hannah Montana called Life With Boys. So we’ll be showing footage from those. And we’ll continue to be talking to people about our ongoing series in production. Like Tinga Tinga Tales and a new season of Casper’s Scare School.

VAI: What territories will you be targeting?

KD: I target the world. My focus is always at MIP on broadcasters. It’s their market. And it’s my best opportunity to see them before fall.

DS: We’re lucky because, whether its Casper or Voltron, we are pretty much known all over the world.

VAI: What do you make of the market being one day shorter this year?

KD: It makes no difference; I go home on Friday either way. Thursday has always been a breakdown day. Flights leave early in the morning, so you have to leave Friday anyway. Trying to keep it open on Friday was too much.

DS: You know, I think it reflects the fact that the way people are doing business is changing so much. Negotiations happen much more quickly over email. People want to get back to their offices; they don’t need to be at the market to work on deals.

VAI: What do you make of the reduced studio presence this time around?

KD: It’s fine by me. It leaves more time for buyers to spend with booths like me; I don’t have to compete as hard with the behemoths.

DS: I think it’s a mixed blessing because it gives indies more of a chance to spend time with buyers. However, some of the buyers don’t feel compelled to attend or stay as long.

VAI: What is your next market?

KD: Cannes, the film festival. I do five big markets a year: MIP, MIPCOM, Berlin (EFM), AFM, and Cannes. If I don’t see you at those markets, you’re not buying.

DS: We send sales people to DISCOP East.

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