In its April 2011 Issue, VideoAge will publish a special report about 22 father and daughter teams in the television and film business out of an estimated 30 of such groups worldwide.

This is the first time that such a topic has been featured in any media. The VideoAge fathers and daughters list includes top TV network executives in 15 countries. This special feature will also be available in print at MIP-TV and online as a PDF document, and represents a unique research and information tool for the industry. Below, the Water Cooler lists 14 teams limiting itself only to those who are involved in the television network businesses. However, the full list includes teams that cover all aspects of film and television, including production, distribution, dubbing and public relations.

Also unique is the realization that out of 22 teams, 11 are involved in the Latin American TV market. This report will make for interesting reading, occupying over four pages of the Issue.

Here are 14 of the 22 teams that will be featured in VideoAge:

Venevision: Gustavo and Adriana Cisneros  (Venezuela and Florida)

SBT: Senor Abravanel (Silvio Santos) and Daniela Beyruti (Brazil)

Albavision: Remigo Angel and Morelia Gonzalez (Miami, Florida and Guatemala)

Frequencia Latina: Baruch and Michal (Miki) Ivcher  (Perú and Florida)

Televicentro: Jose Rafael and Pia Ferrari (Honduras)

Teleunsa: Elias and Diana Asfura (Honduras)

Ecuavisa: Xavier, Ana Cecilia and Silvia Alvarado (Ecuador)

RedUno: Ivo and Jessica Kuljis (Bolivia)

Telemicro: Juan Ramon and Ivette Gomez Diaz (Dominican Republic)

Mediaset: Silvio and Marina Berlusconi (Italy)

TV Norge: Ola and Benedicte Steinsrud (Norway. Ola as past entry)

Corus Entertainment: James Robert (JR) and Heather Shaw (Canada)

Viacom/CBS: Sumner and Shari Redstone (U.S.)

News Corp: Rupert and Liz Murdoch U.S. and U.K.)

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