The Latin American presence at MIP-TV is always a strong one, and this year will be no different. According to the organizers, 74 companies from across the region will be in attendance, 28 of which are counted as exhibitors. Overall, the Latins will be out in the hundreds, mostly selling their signature telenovelas.

VideoAge checked in with two execs to find out what the Latin American contingent expects from the market. Marcel Vinay Junior, CEO of Mexico’s Comarex, the distribution arm of TVAzteca, and Beth Orozco, director of Europe for Colombia and Miami-based Caracol Television weighed in on their companies’ plans for Cannes, the rebounding global economy and whether the market’s late date will help or hinder business.

VideoAge International: What are your company’s plans for MIP-TV?
Marcel Vinay Junior: Just like every year we are bringing a different variety of new shows to MIP-TV. TVAzteca has made a huge investment on talented writers and the results have been amazing. For example, for the first time at MIP-TV we are bringing La Loba, a telenovela that sold to more than 14 countries in Latin America on the first day of NATPE 2010. We are eager to present this amazing telenovela to the rest of the world at MIP-TV.
Beth Orozco: Our purpose has always been the same, to be in contact with our clients, to have the opportunity to develop partnerships with them and to continue positioning ourselves in the international market. This personal contact with people is crucial to achieve the above.

VAI: What new product/titles are you bringing to the market?
MVJ: We are presenting [a total of] three new telenovelas, which have been superbly written and skillfully produced. Infamia (Torn Apart) is a remarkable drama about identical twin sisters living two very different lives who are separated at birth by their villainous grandmother. We are also offering La Loba (Fierce Angel), a great story about a girl who in order to save her life was given away at birth. And finally, another excellent story is La Fuerza del Destino (Force of Destiny), which has been a huge success in countries such as Venezuela and Turkey, and will run in the rest of Latin America later this year.
BO: We’re bringing three new released productions, each quite different. The first is a telenovela with a touch of comedy, the second is more classical and dramatic, and the third is a musical (All I need is Love, Mariana & Scarlett, Pretty Ceci and Mr. Indiscreet). All are very good shows that sure are going to captivate clients’ interest. And of course, all of them are suitable for their sales as format or as readymade.

VAI: In light of the state of the economy, what do you expect attendance to be like at this year’s MIP?
MVJ: We started the year with a very successful market at NATPE so we expect this MIP-TV to be even better. Along with our new programming we are returning with shows that have been very well received by our clients for example the series A Cada Quien Su Santo has in just one year become the number one show in its time slot in countries like Venezuela and the rest of Latin America.
BO: The television industry is in a recovery; they need new and different content to get over this economic situation. We feel that good content at a good prices is the best formula for clients in times like this and that is exactly what we offer.

VAI: How important is MIP-TV to your company?
MVJ: MIP-TV is an important market because it brings together programmers from all over the world, especially from continents like Africa, Asia and of course Europe.

VAI: MIP-TV falls two weeks later than usual this year. Is that good or bad for your company?
I actually don’t think that this delay makes a quite big different for us, in fact, it gives us the chance to have new releases productions which couldn’t be presented in other market like NATPE.

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