VideoAge: What is the relationship between Latin Media Corporation (LMC), the Miami, Florida-base company that you founded, and the Malaysia-based Worldwide Rights Corporation (WRC)?

Jose Escalante: Latin Media has partnered with WRC to coproduce Telenovelas in Malaysia. Under the accord, WRC is also distributing LMC’s content in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

VA: Recently, both LMC and WRC teamed up with FINAS of Malaysia to produce two telenovela-style Malaysian dramas for the international market, can you explain what FINAS is?
: FINAS is a department of the Ministry of Communication of Malaysia.

VA: Can you elaborate about the telenovelas?
: WRC and Latin Media will be producing two Telenovelas for the government owned TV networks RTM.

In March we started to produce the first drama, Bola Cinta. The first season comprises 30 one-hour episodes and the second season will consist of 30 more hours. It will be entirely produced in Bahasa, Malaysia, with a Malysian cast. It’s final cost is estimated to be between 80,000 – 90,000 Ringits (U.S.$24,000- $27,000) per one hour episode.

VA: How will the international distribution rights be divided?
: Bola Cinta will be distributed in Asia, Africa and the Middle East by WRC, and in the  rest of the world by LMC.

VA: In addition to Malaysia’s programs, what other content is LMC distributing?
: Currently, Latin Media distributes the catalogue from Channel 13, Chile; Ecuavisa, Ecuador, and other independent producers from Latin America. Latin Media is also distributing Asian content to Latin America and Hispanic TV in the U.S.

VA: At MIP-TV will you be exhibiting as LMC?
: Yes, LMC will be at the Palais at stand 5-19.

VA: Will LMC be attending the L.A. Screenings?
: Yes, LMC will attend the Los Angeles Screenings.

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