By Leah Hochbaum Rosner

If Christmas is in the air, NATPE is not far behind. This means that international distributors have presents on their minds, as well as how to best present their wares at the very first television market of 2009. Just about now, television executives — especially from Latin American companies — are finalizing their travel plans and gearing up for three days of business-related wheeling and dealing in Las Vegas in late January. Claudia Silva of Mexican multimedia company Televisa Internacional’s Miami, Florida office is one such executive. She’ll be in Vegas to market Televisa’s world-famous Spanish soap operas, as well as its new programming slate. Silva spoke with VideoAge about her plans for Latin America’s premier television market, what territories she plans to focus on while in Sin City, and a general outlook for NATPE 2009.

VideoAge International: What product will Televisa be bringing to NATPE?

Claudia Silva: In addition to our world-renowned Televisa productions, which include telenovelas, series and entertainment formats, we now offer a very interesting catalogue of licensed products that perfectly complement our offerings. Among the licensed products we’ll be presenting at NATPE are: the third season of animated series El Chavo, available now in HD; the Mexican adaptation of Mujeres Asesinas; and Atraccion x4, a telenovela for kids and teens that is causing a frenzy in Argentina. Also, in the sports category, we are now distributing Lucha Libra AAA, the most viewed wrestling league in Mexico and the Hispanic U.S. At their live events, Lucha Libra AAA draws crowds in Latin America, the U.S., Spain and even Japan.

VAI: Will you be in a suite or on the floor at this year’s NATPE?

CS: We’ll be taking a suite at [Mandalay Bay’s] THEhotel yet again.

VAI: What territories will Televisa be focusing on while in Las Vegas?

CS: For many years, NATPE has been (and will continue to be) a very important market for Latin America. But in recent years, clients from Asia and Europe have started attending, which is very good for our business.

VAI: What are the main differences between this year’s NATPE and last year’s event, which was held in the middle of the WGA work stoppage in the U.S.?

CS: NATPE 2008 was a good event for Televisa, regardless of the strike. And the outlook for 2009 is great because both demand and client attendance continues to grow. We are very excited and looking forward to meeting with our clients at NATPE.

VAI: How do you foresee NATPE 2009?

CS: More than ever NATPE is related to content. This is a great opportunity for us because we have the most extensive library of Spanish-language content in the world, allowing us to become a one-stop-shop for clients around the world.

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