By Leah Hochbaum Rosner

The fall is a busy time for television executives the world over. With the Venice and Toronto Film Fests, MIPCOM, SPORTELMonaco and AFM taking up the bulk of September, October and November, is there room for another market? Absolutely, said Maritza Guimet, founder and president of the Florida Media Market, which is hosting its third annual global film and media conference October 23-26 at the Alexander Hotel in Miami Beach. VideoAge discovered the market last year and was pleasantly surprised by its quality. Now, before planning a second trip to the FMM, VideoAge spoke with Guimet to find out what’s new this year, why this event is a dream come true for independent producers, and why networking at the beach is infinitely better than networking in a conference room.

VideoAge International: What’s new at the Florida Media Market this year?

Maritza Guimet: This year, we’ve created an executive showcase room where execs can show their [filmed entertainment] material. We didn’t have that last year. We’re also hosting a film competition, the details of which I cannot yet disclose. But just know that the event will be bigger and better for filmmakers. In addition, we’re having the opening night party at the Havana Club, which is a very prestigious club in Miami. We’re also going to have a gala award dinner towards the end of the market. Last year, we had a luncheon. This year, we decided to [up the ante] and do a dinner.

VAI: What are you most looking forward to at the FMM?

MG: Well, we’ve been in touch with a number of cultural attachés from different countries around the world so that we can get them to create booths to represent their respective countries at the market. So far, we have confirmed booths for the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. We’re working on Peru, Chile, Colombia and more.

VAI: Who attends the FMM?

MG: The event attracts [international] television executives and independent producers. Once they’re at the market, we put them together to network. There are many opportunities throughout the Florida Media Market where execs and producers can meet to screen their materials and hopefully, start a dialogue. People in search of co-production partners can also find them here.

VAI: Do you ever worry that there are already too many markets in the fall?

MG: Not really. This is the last buying cycle before the new year starts and executives need to see material. This is simply the best time of year to see it.

VAI: Why do you feel that Miami is a good place for this type of event?

MG: Miami is just more affordable than many other locales in the U.S. It’s also a great place to have parties, in addition to being a great place to do work. Many people come here so they can network and do business on the beach.

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