A+E Networks – InterContinental, Table No. 7

Truck Night In America (factual series) (pictured)
Set on a truck obstacle course, each episode features five truck owners who compete in a series of grueling challenges that test their driving ability.

Forged In Fire (factual series)
Four contestants compete by building weapons such as Viking battle axes and Samurai swords. The winner receives a $10,000 cash prize.

Faces of Fatima (factual special)
An eye-opening look at the town of Fatima, Portugal, which is known to be one of the largest shrines to the Virgin Mary (or Marian shrines) in the world.

Live PD (factual series)
Viewers will ride along with police departments across six different cities to see how law enforcement acts while on duty.

Oscar Pistorius (TV movie)
The true story of the Paralympic champion and his relationship with model Reeva Steenkamp is one filled with brutality, courtroom drama, and media outrage.

Bae Or Bail (reality format)
Significant others play pranks on their partners to see if they are up to the ultimate relationship challenge.

Project Blue Book (scripted series)
A brilliant college professor is recruited by the U.S. Air Force to lead a clandestine operation that researches UFO-related phenomena during the 1950s and ’60s.


ABS-CBN International Distribution

Bagani (drama series) (pictured)
Five heroes from different tribes come together to fight an evil god who plans to conquer all of their lands and dominate their communities.

The Blood Sisters (drama series)
Three identical sisters were separated at birth, unaware of each other’s existence. A mysterious criminal case brings them together, raising many questions.

Asintado (drama series)
The family of Ana’s lover tried to have her killed. While she rebuilds her life, Ana also plans her revenge.

Sin Island (thriller)
After a husband learns that his wife was unfaithful, he decides to have his own extramarital affair. The result has grave consequences.

My Perfect You (romantic comedy)
Burn and Abby journey to find the perfect love. Does it exist? Will they find it? Will the answer surprise them?

The Good Son (drama series)
Victor is the father of four sons who have been separated into different families. When Victor dies from being poisoned, the primary suspects are the four brothers.

A Mother’s Guilt (family drama series)
In order to save her son’s life, Sonya must take the life of someone else. The murderous act leaves Sonya with immense guilt over what she has done.


All3media International – InterContinental, Suite 1418

Kiri (drama series)
A trail of lies, blame, and guilt is left in the wake of the abduction and death of a young black girl named Kiri.

Mystery Road (drama series) (pictured)
Detective Jay Swan goes to a remote Australian town when two young farmhands go missing from an outback cattle station.

Prince Harry’s Story: Four Royal Weddings (factual)
The documentary portrays four recent royal events that have changed the direction of royal life and indicated profound shifts in British society.

Royal Wives of Windsor (factual)
Looking at the lived experience of 100 years of Windsor women, the two-part documentary explores what is required to flourish as a royal wife.

Whirlwind Wedding (format)
A groom-to-be is offered a wedding at no cost. The catch? That the wedding must happen in 12 hours. That means getting the bride to say yes, inviting friends, finding an appropriate location, and much more.

Celebrity Undercover (format)
Each episode features a famous celebrity who searches for undiscovered talent in the realms of athletics, modeling, music, and comedy, in order to give them their big break.

24 Hours to Hell & Back (format)
A celebrity chef helps put restaurants that are on the brink of collapse back into working order.


AMC Studios

Lodge 49 (dramedy series) (pictured)
A modern fable focused on a personable ex-surfer named Dud who is trying to keep a positive outlook on life after the death of his father.

Dietland (dark comedy series)
Plum Kettle is a ghostwriter for the editor of one of New York’s trendiest fashion magazines. While she struggles with self-image and acceptance, the news is abuzz with reports of men accused of sexual abuse and assault.

This Close (dramedy series)
Twentysomething best friends Kate and Michael grapple with living in a world of people that see them first as people with disabilities instead of as human beings.

AMC Visionairies: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction (documentary series)
Director and producer James Cameron explores the history of science fiction, featuring interviews with writers and stars that have helped define the genre.

The Jonestown Massacre (documentary series)
Based on the best-selling book, the series reviews the unsolved mysteries of Jim Jones and his envisioned utopia, Jonestown.

AMC Visionaries: Eli Roth’s History of Horror (documentary series)
Director and producer Eli Roth looks through a variety of horror sub-genres, and points out films and books that shaped how stories scare viewers.


Armoza Formats – InterContinental, Suite 1614

The Four (studio entertainment format)
The four finalists are announced in the first episode of this singing competition. Each episode features new contestants who will try to steal a spot from those finalists.

The Surprise Teacher (factual entertainment format)
In each episode, a celebrity surprises a classroom of high school students to offer a once-in-a-lifetime lesson.

Rage Room (studio entertainment format)
Two contestants pitch their pet peeves and daily annoyances. Whichever one makes the stronger case will enter the rage room with a variety of weapons of destruction.

Sunday League (scripted comedy series) (pictured)
Inexperienced football coach Selma Norris quickly realizes that she is in over her head when she takes on a poorly organized team. But if they don’t start winning, the owner of the field the team practices on will turn the field into a beet plantation.

Eclipse (drama series)
Tortured by guilt after the death of her son, Anne-Sophie abandons her husband Bernard to take care of their daughter and the family business.

Still Standing (studio game show format)
Contestants have the chance to win $1 million by outwitting 10 other contestants in fast-paced trivia battles.

Refuge (drama series)
The weekend that Brigitte returns to her hometown for her estranged daughter’s wedding, a mysterious murder takes place that leaves the small community shaken.


ATV – InterContinental, Suite 416

Lifeline (drama series) (pictured)
When Tahir’s older brother brings him to Istanbul, he meets Nefes, who is being abused by her husband, Vedat. Nefes must escape in order to save her own life, as well as her son’s.

Don’t Leave Me (drama series)
A serendipitous romance takes place when Cansu sends her waitress Zeynep to meet Emre. Zeynep and Emre fall for each other immediately, which conflicts with Arzu’s plan to marry Cansu to Emre.

Love and Hate (drama series)
Ali is left passionless after a youth spent in prison. And Mavi believes she cannot love. When the two begin writing letters to each other, a love sparks that helps the two break down their own personal barriers.

Orphan Flowers (drama series)
Eylül lives in an orphanage that is surrounded by the glamour of the rich. She hopes to recover from her stepfather’s abuse and her mother’s neglect.


Calinos Entertainment – InterContinental, Suite 427

Forbidden Fruit (drama series)
Sisters Yildiz and Zeynep become involved in life-changing events. Yildiz is enlisted by Ender to frame her husband Halit for infidelity. Meanwhile, Zeynep begins working at Halit’s partner’s firm.

Our Story (romantic drama series) (pictured)
Filiz, the oldest of six kids, is forced to be a surrogate mother to her siblings since her useless alcoholic father cannot parent them. She meets Baris, who has fallen in love with her and wants to join the family.

Woman (drama series)
Bahar has lost most of her loved ones: her grandparents, her husband. When her estranged mother and eccentric sister reappear, will Bahar be able to let them back into her life?

A Love Story (romantic drama series)
Ceylan, a fashion designer for a popular singer, travels to Germany where she meets Korkut. The two feel an immediate connection and start their own romance in the hope of moving past sorrow and regret.


Dick Clark Productions

The Best FIFA Football Awards 2018 (awards show) (pictured)
Hosted by Idris Elba, the sports awards show gathers the best players and managers to celebrate highlights of the 2017-2018 season in London’s Royal Festival Hall.

The 46th Annual 2018 American Music Awards (awards show)
With over 16 musical performances, the awards show honors the most influential and iconic artists.

The Football Show (factual entertainment)
Filmed in Barcelona, Rome, Rio, and more, each episode offers exclusive access to the personal lives of elite players, showing what they do when off the field.

Fail Army (non-scripted comedy)
Available in English and Spanish, each episode compiles hilarious blooper videos and epic-fail videos.

Unknown Champions (factual entertainment)
People with shocking talents compete in activities that range from computer hacking to wingsuit flying.

The Pet Project (non-scripted comedy)
Each episode is packed with laugh-out-loud clips and montages of beloved pets.

The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards (awards show)
Presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Dick Clark Productions, the Golden Globe Awards honors both motion picture and television achievement.


Entertainment One – InterContinental, Table No. 4

The Rookie (comedic drama series) (pictured)
John Nolan moves from his small town to L.A., where he pursues his dream of being a cop, becoming the oldest rookie in the LAPD.

The Detail (drama series)
A police procedural that follows three female homicide detectives of differing ranks, and shows how their personal and professional lives collide.

Burden of Truth (drama series)
Joanna is a ruthless big city attorney whose return to her hometown for a mysterious case unveils more than the evidence she expected.

Caught (drama series)
Set in the 1970s crime world, escaped convict David Slaney enlists a corrupt cop to help him hunt down Slaney’s drug king ex-partner.

Let’s Get Physical (comedy series)
Slacker Joe Force makes a somewhat reluctant comeback to the fitness industry and the cutthroat world of competitive aerobics.


Fun Union

BabyRiki (edutainment series) (pictured)
ChiChi, Rosy, and Wally engage preschoolers through musical stories to help develop physical and cognitive skills, like practicing exercise routines and learning colors.

KikoRiki (edutainment series)
Krash and Chiko go on unique adventures that teach children about creativity, self-acceptance, and cooperation.

PinCode (edutainment series)
The cast of KikoRiki is all grown up with new educational activities about molecular biology and the Earth’s magnetic field.


Global Agency – InterContinental, Suite 1521

Evermore (drama series)
Sureyya is a talented musician who lives with her one living relative, her aunt. When she meets Faruk, the two instantly fall for each other. The only problem is that Faruk’s mother has her own plans for her son’s love life.

Grand Family (drama series)
Secret service agent Nevzat is on a mission to take down Ünal, the leader of a weapon-smuggling network.

Love For Rent (dramedy series)
What began as a disastrous happenstance for Neriman, Defne, and Omer, turns into a romantic employment opportunity. Neriman hires Defne to persuade Omer to fall in love with Neriman.

Bitter Sweet (dramedy series)
In order to pay for her home as well as her culinary schooling, Nazli must work an extra job as the home cook for a fussy businessman. The two soon develop a romantic relationship.

My Wife Rules (cooking series)
A chef demonstrates a recipe to competing wives, who then must instruct their husbands through an earpiece on how to prepare the dish.

The Legend (talent competition series)
Contestants have the power to decide their own destinies in this talent show format in which the top two rated contestants will move on to the semi-finals.

Keep It Or Lose It (game show) (pictured)
Each episode features a group of three to four contestants who select items of varying value. But when the quiz portion comes along, the group will have to answer correctly in order to keep their prizes.


Inter Medya – InterContinental, Suite 1221

The Pit (drama series) (pictured)
The Koçova family is okay with some crime, but do not allow drugs to be used or sold in Cukur. When one upstart breaks the ban, this means war. Meanwhile, Yamac meets Sena and they marry.

The Perfect Couple (dating reality format)
Eleven men and 11 women will live together in a Caribbean villa. But there isn’t enough room for everyone, so they’ll have to partner and compete in order to score a limited number of room keys.

Broken Wings (drama series)
Siblings Zeynep, Emre, Cemre, and Aysun are left alone and poor after their father’s sudden death. Their mother, Nefise, works tirelessly to take care of her children and provide during hard times.

Mrs. Fazilet & Her Daughters (drama series)
Mrs. Fazilet dreams of becoming rich. She brings her youngest daughter, Ece, to many of the wealthy families in the region, much to the annoyance of her older daughter, Hazan.  

Money Monster (game show format)
Contestants win the money they manage to count after a correct answer. In order to keep the money, they have to know the exact amount they count.

1 vs. 10 (game show format)
A single contestant will be asked 10 questions. But instead of answering those questions, the contestant needs to choose one person among 10 who would answer incorrectly.


Kanal D – InterContinental, Suite 1618

Price of Passion (romantic drama series) (pictured)
Asli is a doctor who is forced to marry a hitman to save her life. The unexpected couple face a world of corruption and power.

Tragedy (family drama series)
Cemal grew up poor. His father’s dying wish was for him to find his wealthy uncle so that he may live a better life.

Wounded Love (romantic drama series)
Set during the age of the Ottoman Empire, the period drama follows the intertwined tales of a struggling mother, a ruined family, a detached father, and a lovesick man.

Tales of Innocence (drama series)
Meryem and her boyfriend Oktay accidentally hit a woman while driving. Meryem lies to the police to protect her boyfriend, who was driving drunk.

Flames of Desire (family drama series)
Blood brothers Bayram and Salih plan to marry off their children to one another. But their kids have other plans for themselves.

For My Son (family drama series)
A police officer is accused of a crime that he didn’t commit, and loses everything he cares for in the process, including his wife and son. When he hits rock bottom, his old chief makes him an offer that he may not be able to accept because of a new love.

War of The Roses (romantic drama series)
As children, Gülru admired Gulfem, the daughter of the owner of the mansion where her father worked. As adults, Gülru meets Gulfem’s former lover and faces antagonism.


Ledafilms – InterContinental, Suite 721

Todos lo saben (Everybody Knows) (drama) (pictured)
Laura, who lives in Buenos Aires with her Argentinian husband, takes a trip to her hometown outside Madrid, where unexpected events bring secrets to light.

Luis and the Aliens (animation)
Neglected at home by his scientist father and without friends of his own, Luis is surprised when three goofy aliens crash land on his doorstep.

Mia and the White Lion (drama)
Mia’s family moves from London to South Africa to manage a lion farm. After the birth of a beautiful white lion, Mia develops her first close attachment. But that turns sour when she learns of her father’s plans.

I Still See You (thriller)
A cataclysmic event has disintegrated the barrier between the living and the dead, filling the world with ghost-like essences called “Remnants.” One Remnant threatens a young girl, propelling her on a mission to change the world.

The Queen’s Corgi (animation)
A spoiled little corgi named Rex lives a life of luxury in Buckingham Palace. When he winds up in the dog home, he learns what it takes to be a true top dog.

Playmobil: The Movie (animation)
Marla dismisses her brother Charlie’s wild imagination. When Charlie goes missing, Marla discovers a magic portal to Playmobil.

Replicas (drama)
After a car accident kills his family, a daring biologist will do anything to bring them back, even if he is up against the physical laws of science.


Lionsgate Entertainment – InterContinental, Suite 433 

Wrong Man (documentary series) (pictured)
Experts and investigators search for new evidence, and talk to key witnesses and the police, to expose the limitations of the criminal justice system.

America To Me (documentary series)
Students and teachers negotiate racial and educational inequities in one of Chicago’s most progressive and diverse public schools in Oak Park.

Carnage (unscripted competition show)
Ordinary vehicles are converted into extraordinary battle machines and tested in three giant arenas.

Warriors of Liberty City (documentary series)
The series follows a season with the youth football program Liberty City Warriors, founded by Luther Campbell, better known as “Uncle Luke” from 2 Live Crew.

Music City (reality series)
A group of young adults living in Nashville chase their dreams of success, fame and romance, while faced with difficult choices every step of the way.


MISTCO – InterContinental, Suite 714

The Prisoner of Love (romantic drama series) (pictured)
Troubled by his mother’s abandonment, Omer enters a marriage with Zehra to make his sister happy. But Zehra only agreed to it because she needs money for her sick father’s surgery.

The Last Emperor (epic drama series)
Tracks the real-life events of the last Ottoman emperor, Abdulhamid Han, who led an ambitious empire, but faced opposition from family and state traitors.

Resurrection: Ertugrul (epic drama series)
In this 13th-century story, the hero Ertugrul struggles to find land for his tribe and the woman he loves.

Mehmetcik: Kûtulmâre (epic drama series)
The orphan Mehmet dreams of joining an elite troop run by Suleyman Askeri Bey. After losing out on enlisting, he leaves Istanbul behind, and is more determined than ever to join the troop.

Ege and Gaga (animated series)
The title characters head off on nature adventures in which the two learn new facts about their surroundings, and record the events in their notebooks.

Jade (animated series)
Curious Jade loves math and has a big imagination. She goes on trips with her bug-like friends called Mat Mats during which she saves her clumsy friends from troublesome situations.

Little Lamb (animated series)
A little lamb and his animal friends live together on a beautiful farm, where they play games, sing songs, and overcome difficult challenges.


Multicom Entertainment – InterContinental, Suite 614

Speed Demons: Killing for Attention (documentary)
When an honors graduate becomes a campus gunman, citizen detectives travel across the country to investigate the reasons why a prosecutor turned into a mass shooter.

Climate Refugees (documentary) (pictured)
Michael Nash investigates how the changing climate has caused mass migration around the world.

Streaker (sports comedy)
High school teacher Balz Naef is experiencing a financial crisis. His solution is to recruit students as streakers for an illegal sports gambling ring so he can bet on how long a streaker will last on the field.

Divine Access (comedy)
After discrediting Reverend Guy Roy on public-access television, Jack Harriman becomes a spiritual celebrity and tours the country to preach. His road to redemption ends in a showdown with the Reverend.

America Adrift (drama)
One Latino-American mother’s experience as she combats the heroin epidemic amongst middle-class families on Long Island.

The Broken Ones (drama)
Two strangers meet and travel from New Jersey to New York. Along the way, they confront deep-rooted fears and overcome loss.

The Long Way Home (documentary)
Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this documentary looks at Jewish refugees after World War II.


Record TV – InterContinental, Suite 1005

Apocalypse (Apocalipsis) (soap opera) (pictured)
Beginning in 1980s New York, four university students meet and set off a chain of events that then takes place across three generations.

Belaventura (soap opera)
Set in Belaventura, a 15th-century region at war due to a territorial dispute, the series follows the lives of Pietra, a plebe, and Enrico, a rich heir with great familial expectations.

The Rich and Lazarus (El Rico y Lázaro) (soap opera)
Asher, Zach, and Joanne have been close friends since childhood. Their relationship turns rocky when both men fall in love with Joanne, causing intense feelings of betrayal and pain.

The Promised Land (La Tierra Prometida) (soap opera)
Joshua, the newly appointed leader of the Hebrews, is an experienced warrior who is gifted with courage and a powerful belief in God. He leads his people to Canaan.

The Slave Mother (La Esclava Madre) (soap opera)
The prologue to The Slave Isaura focuses on the terrible story of the light-skinned slave obsessively pursued by Mr. Leoncio.

Moses and the Ten Commandments (Moisés y los Diez Mandamientos) (soap opera)
A retelling of the biblical story of Moses that includes scenes from his birth, the parting of the Red Sea, and his encounter with God on Mount Sinai.

The Miracles of Jesus (Los Milagros de Jesús) (soap opera)
Each episode narrates the difficulties faced by those individuals who were disadvantaged before receiving the blessings of Jesus, demonstrating their perseverance and courage.


Sonar Entertainment – InterContinental, Suite 516

Das Boot (war drama series) (pictured)
Based on the acclaimed novel and 1981 film, the series focuses on the heroic men and women confronted with the harsh realities of war on land and on sea.

The Son (drama series)
Follows the rise and fall of the multigenerational McCullough family in the Texas oil business. Pierce Brosnan stars as Eli McCullough, the family patriarch.

Taboo (drama series)
James Delaney returns to London after 10 years in Africa to inherit the dynasty his father left him.

The Shannara Chronicles (fantasy series)
Centuries into a post-apocalyptic future, a group of heroes must band together to prevent further chaos in The Four Lands. Magic has reemerged, which leads the nefarious The Crimson to hunt down any magic users.

Counterfeit Cat (animated kids’ series)
An excitable alien dressed in a homemade purple catsuit develops an unconventional friendship with a lazy housecat named Max.

Song for Christmas (holiday special)
After a fight with her tour manager, pop star Adelaide Kay sneaks off her tour bus. A local family invites her to their home to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Destination Wedding (romantic comedy)
When the bride and groom do not show up to their destination wedding in Acapulco, maid of honor Elie must work with her ex-boyfriend, who is also a groomsman, to save the day.


Telefilms – InterContinental, Suite 1516

Adrift (action) (pictured)
A young couple takes a sea adventure that turns catastrophic when they are caught by a disastrous hurricane that leaves them with a broken ship and without food.

Hereditary (drama)
When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter’s family finds out terrifying secrets about their ancestry.

Hotel Artemis (crime action)
Set in a not-so-distant future Los Angeles, a character named Nurse runs a secret hotel for the city’s criminals and assassins to take refuge.

The Happytime Murders (comedy)
A disgraced LAPD detective must solve a string of murders when the puppet cast of a beloved ’80s children’s TV show is killed off one by one.

Mile 22 (action)
James Silva is an elite American intelligence officer whose mission is to smuggle a police officer holding sensitive information out of the country.


Universal Cinergia 

With company headquarters in Miami, Universal Cinergia operates and maintains 33 recording studios in 5 cities — São Paulo, Miami, Mexico, Paris, and Barcelona. Its state-of-the-art studios are housed in a 10,000-square-foot facility. Fully equipped to handle any project, and ready to comply with a variety of specs and workflows, the company has demonstrated expertise in delivering projects in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Castilian, as well other languages, through partner studios in Europe and Asia.


Viacom International Media Networks – InterContinental, Suite 916

Top Wing (pre-school series) (pictured)
Four rescue birds train at the Top Wing Academy. With the help of their mentor, Speedy, and high-tech gadgets, the troop is assigned to go on missions that test their rescue skills.

Knight Squad (live-action series)
At Knight School, Ciara, a royal princess in disguise, meets with Arc, the cocky new kid who has his own big secret. With their friends, Ciara and Arc will train to be legendary knights.

Borges (scripted format)
When the owner of a failing importing firm leaves the country, the remaining employees restructure the business into an Internet video production company.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation (general entertainment series)
After five years, five kids, and three marriages, the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore reunites to go on the vacation they always promised each other in a luxurious house in Miami Beach.

The Challenge (reality format)
Reality TV stars compete against one another in various physical and mental challenges for a huge cash prize.

100 dias para enamorarse (romantic comedy series)
Eighteen years of marriage has proven trying for two couples who decide to take a break from their marital lives as long as they follow 10 rules during a 100-day period. Will they decide to stay together or separate?