Quebecor Content licensed Brooklyn Nine-Nine from NBCUniversal International Formats.

ComediHa! Will produce the first international adaptation of the series, which was originally produced by Universal Television in association with Fremulon, Dr. Goor Productions, and 3 Arts Entertainment. The single-camera comedy revolves around a carefree detective who gets a new commanding officer with high expectations.

Ana Langenberg, SVP of Formats & Production, NBCUniversal International Formats, commented, “We are incredibly excited to be working with such prestigious partners on the first adaptation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The premise of the show is so universal. It’s a workplace comedy, centered on a group of dynamic and formidable characters, which easily lends itself to be adapted for international audiences. We have no doubt that ComediHa! and Quebecor Content’s version will replicate the genius storytelling that runs through the original and boast the same high-quality production standards.”

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