Multicom Entertainment Group partnered with dotstudioPRO and USAND to launch two OTT streaming channels available on Roku.

Multicom will be rolling out The Archive and The Grapvine in 2019. With its partnership with dotstudioPRO and USAND, Multicom will be able to enhance its user acquisition strategy.

Darrin Holender, president at Multicom, remarked, “At Multicom, we strive to be at the forefront of technology and digital distribution. With our deep library of premium content, dotstudioPRO was able to provide us with innovative technological solutions to expand our distribution directly to the consumer.”

Joe Pascual, CEO of dotstudioPRO, added, “We are equally excited to strengthen dotstudioPRO’s search and indexing capabilities through our partnership with USAND. Now The Archive and The Grapevine titles and meta-data are searchable directly against other popular distribution platforms within each device ecosystem. This puts Multicom in the driver’s seat regardless of whether a viewer chooses to consume their content on third-party platforms or within their Owned and Operated apps.”

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