FilmRise announced the Theatrical On Demand release of Wildland.

Developed by filmmakers Alex Jablonski and Kahlil Hudson, the feature documentary shares the personal accounts from members of a wildland firefighting crew. The film follows these men as they go through rigorous training and life-threatening moments in action. Wildland debuted on PBS’s Independent Lens on October 29. The film will be released in movie theaters beginning January 16, 2019.

FilmRise CEO Danny Fisher stated, “The Theatrical On Demand model of distribution by design harnesses the passion and demand of audiences who wish to experience and support films that connect with them. Screenings occur only when an individual presenter achieves a minimum level of pre-sales which are generated using social media, personal contacts, relationships and local resources. It’s amazing to see these events come together and how they each generate stimulating conversation and more interest.”

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