Mediaset Distribution comes to Cannes with telenovelas in tow.

In action-crime miniseries Ultimo-Chasing Narcos (pictured), Interpol enlists Ultimo, a police captain famous for tracking down ruthless crime bosses. Undercover cop Marco is deeply infiltrated in the Corona family in crime series Code Name Solo 2 when Agata, the daughter of the boss, is kidnapped.

The arrival of Reynaldo Suárez, acharming new parish priest, to Villa Ruiseñor causes lots of problems for Armando Quiroga, the richest man in town in telenovela Forgive Our Sins. Laura, a poor mother of two little girls, is forced to sell her youngest daughter, Rosita, to Rodolfo, the rich owner of a chain of restaurants in telenovela Hidden Truths.

Twelve former couples must spend time with their former boos in reality show Would You Take Your Ex Back? Stand R7.F7