Banijay Rights heads to Cannes with a roster of gritty crime dramas, astonishing realities, game shows, and poignant documentaries.

In the crime drama Straight Forward (pictured), con-woman Sylvia Petersen goes after the gangster who killed her father, and gets drawn into a fight for control of the Copenhagen underworld. More than two decades after Clara vanishes, her sister tracks her down and persuades her to come back to her family, unraveling dark family secrets, in The Red Shadows.

Domestic drama Couple Troublefollows Anders and Lise as the strains of everyday life take their toll on their relationship. Reality series Super Salon follows the beauticians and stylists who work in a family-owned salon, where they forge intimate bonds with clients.

Docu-drama The Last Survivors revolves around the last living survivors of the Holocaust in the U.K. Stand C20.A