At the upcoming NATPE, Mediaset Distribution will present: Wind of Passions, which tells the intertwined stories of Giovanna, a young Neapolitan searching for her true origins, and the Licata family, southern migrants hunting the killer of one of their own.

Drama series Love And Sacrifice (pictured) explores life against the backdrop of the Carrara marble quarries from the last year of the Belle Époque through World War I. In comedy series Love Snack, two roommates search for their soulmates in a most unusual locale: McDonald’s.

Mediaset is also selling the European rights for two telenovelas, Hidden Truths (Verdades ocultas) and Amanda, on behalf of Mega Global Entertainment. Hidden Truths tells the story of when a mother had to give up her daughter, while Amanda is about a young woman who is after revenge against the four Santa Cruz brothers.

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