Istanbul-based Kanal D International presents a dramatic roster with variety.

In Price of Passion, Asli is a doctor who is forced to marry a hitman to save her life. The unexpected couple face a world of corruption and power. Set during the age of the Ottoman Empire, the period drama Wounded Love follows the intertwined tales of a struggling mother, a ruined family, a detached father, and a lovesick man.

Drama series Tales of Innocence tells the story of when Meryem and her boyfriend Oktay accidentally hit a woman while driving. Blood brothers Bayram and Salih have long had plans to have their children marry each other. But their kids have other plans for themselves in Flames of Desire.

Family drama WildRose (pictured) focuses on Gülizar, an aspiring singer, who finds love with the son of her rich father’s housekeeper.

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