Mediaset comes to Budapest with a diverse lineup, with drama, comedy and factual series. Drama series “Task Force—45 Friendly-Fire Hero for Love” is set in Herat, Afghanistan, and follows the head of the elite unit, Major Enea De Santis, as he leads Italian troops and falls in love with a young Afghani woman. In biographical miniseries “Call Me Francesco—The People’s Pope,” Argentine actor Rodrigo de la Serna portrays Pope Francis, following his journey as a spiritual leader from his early days until his election as Pope. Crime investigation series “A Sicilian Story” (Romanzo Siciliano) highlights a special unit in Italy that is dedicated to fighting the Cosa Nostra: Colonel Spada, who leads the crew, tries to defend his teen daughter from crime. Comedy series “Suddenly All Together” (Tutti insieme all’improvviso) tells the story of Walter, who leaves his wife and career behind to go to Africa. He returns to Italy to learn that his former wife married his recently deceased brother. Unscripted format “Casa Siffredi/The Siffredi Family” follows the life of former porn actor Rocco Siffredi at home with his family—his wife Rosa and their two teenage sons—in Budapest (pictured).

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