For those of you fascinated by historical references concerning the business of selling and buying TV content, the home page of VideoAge website has posted five unique historic reports:

These historic accounts are unique because, up to now, no other publication, reference book or websites, for that matter, have ever covered this aspect of the TV industry.

For example, the Wikipedia article about the American Film Market is grossly incomplete. Similarly, there is no detailed information on the MIP-TV Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia’s description of the L.A. Screenings seems to be fairly complete.

VideoAge’s historical reports go hand-in-hand with our monthly features honoring International TV Distribution Hall of Fame inductees, another topic that it is vastly ignored elsewhere.

Those aforementioned five markets, together with the leaders of international distribution, helped create the television industry as we know it today: A multi-billion dollar sector vital for any world economy, international relations and creative enterprises.

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