In comedy series Educating Nina (pictured), Nina and Mara are two separated-at-birth twin sisters. Mara grew up wealthy and never had to work, while Nina is always on tour to pursue her dream to become a dancer. Lioness, an HD fiction series, follows a textile worker who organizes for labor rights and has a scandalous romance with the factory owner. In 4K Ultra HD drama thriller The Return of Lucas,  wealthy family loses their four-year-old son Lucas on the beach. His mother receives a picture of him 20 years after his disappearance, giving her hope of finding him again. HD miniseries Story of a Clan is based on the true story of the Puccio family, an Argentine family who kidnapped and murdered their business associates during the 1980s. 4K Ultra HD fiction series Cannibals is the revenge story of Ariana, a woman who was raped by a group of politically connected young men. In order to find justice, she must infiltrate a presidential candidate’s inner circle.

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