In the past, VideoAge‘s staff in New York City used to receive a great TV technology publication: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB), which is edited by Shawn Liew and published (for the past 32 years) in Singapore by Editec, a company owned by Andrew Yeo.

Being on the receiving end of APB — which was sent for free to members of its target audience — was especially great because TV content publications such as VideoAge need always to keep abreast of things like new video compression technologies and “4K/UHD transmission with new extenders,” as APB titled one of its recent articles.

A few years ago, APB seems to have decided to push its online edition instead of its print edition, and therefore stopped automatically renewing its print subscriptions.

But VideoAge’s editors — like many other former print readers — likely didn’t find the time, or didn’t remember to periodically go online to read APB‘s monthly editions.

This must have affected the publication negatively to such an extent that, in October, VideoAge began receiving the monthly’s print edition again, without having had to expressly request it. Once again, it seems, print wins over digital!

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