The May 2018 edition of VideoAge is an Issue to read cover-to-cover, as well as to use as a reference tool.

It starts with Gina Brogi—the ultimate digital rights expert at Fox TV Distribution — who, in The Digital Sink or Swim World of Fox’s Gina Brogi, tackles a topic that will soon change the business model of TV production and distribution, along with the Hollywood studios’ landscape.

Then there is Anthony D. Friscia: The “Ultimate” Studio Warrior, who’s the newest honoree in VideoAge‘s International TV Distribution Hall of Fame.

Since the May issue traditionally deals with the Latin American TV market, it features a hard look at the challenges that TV export companies from LATAM are facing.

Readers will also encounter controversies aplenty in the review of “hot” book Conspiracy in the Age of Homemade Sex Videos, which tells the tale of the furor unleashed in October 2012 when the gossip blog Gawker published excerpts of a sexually explicit video involving Terry Gene Bollea (better known by his professional wrestling stage name, Hulk Hogan) and Heather Clem, the wife of Hogan’s friend, Todd Alan Clem, a TV/radio personality.

Naturally, the My2¢ editorial also had to rise to the conspiracy challenge and come up with a stern warning for the corporate world, which tends to forget history in order to free itself from restrictions resulting from past experiences.

And, since May is also when U.S. TV networks announce the series they’re picking up for the new season, this VideoAge LATAM edition also features the complete list of all pilots in contention, as well as their synopses. After the Upfronts in New York City, those pilots that the TV outlets select will be reported in VideoAge‘s Studio edition.

The complete pilot list can be found online in the PDF version of the Issue, together with 10 more features, including a section in Spanish. (Spoiler alert, readers will also be challenged by the review of the recently concluded MIP-TV.)

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