With NATPE Miami a thing of the (very recent) past, the next appointment on the international TV industry’s calendar is MIP-TV. For the occasion, VideoAge is preparing a special report on Turkish TV content for its Day 3 Daily.

Seven large Turkish exhibition companies were present at NATPE, but more than 40 are expected at MIP-TV — including smaller ones.

Turkish TV content is enjoying a surge in popularity these days — especially in Latin American, Middle Eastern and Eastern European territories — and said content has even made its way to Southeast Asia. As such, more than 20 Turkish TV companies exhibited at the recent Asia TV Forum market.

The MIP-TV Special Report will include new product listings, as well as photos of company executives taken on the floor. The Daily will be printed on Tuesday, April 10 — at night — and will therefore include the latest news and information for the following day’s distribution throughout Cannes. The Daily will also be available online at 8 a.m.

Pictured above are NATPE president JP Bommel (fourth from right) and VideoAge‘s Dom Serafini (left) welcoming some of the Turkish TV delegation at NATPE.