Perhaps MIP-TV 2016 will be remembered as a market were exhibitors questioned journalists and not vice versa. “What do you think of this MIP?” was the question most heard, even before reporters could address particular issues that dominated the market, such as formats, drama and documentaries.

Nonetheless, it was a busy first day in Cannes, with many screenings, press conferences and afternoon parties both on the exhibitors’ stands and outside the Palais. (The uncertain weather kept most people indoors filling up corridors.)

The fact that the exhibition floors at the Palais are not as dense as MIPCOM has allowed for some booth remodeling and relocations.

For example, keeping the same spots, the booths of CBS, Mediaset and Telefe were remodeled for better utilization of space, giving them roomier looks.

Other exhibitors (such as Multicom, BlueAnt and ITV) were moved to more desirable locations, possibly occupying the space of companies that did not return to MIP (meaning they won’t have the same option for the undeniably busier MIPCOM).

Comarex and TV Azteca for the first time occupied separate booths, but only because they separated their distribution activities.

Among the floor news, there was buzz surrounding David Ellender joining Sonar, Cesar Diaz joining Azteca and Gary Marenzi joining IMG.

Latin America also generated some additional news with Italy’s Mondo TV announcing the coproduction of Heidi Bienvenida a Casa, a 60 x 45” live action series in its first season. The series in now in pre-production in Argentina under Javier Francia of Alianzas Producciones, which will retain distribution rights for the LATAM’s South Cone, while MondoTV will cover the rest of the world. The co-producers will announce the sales of a LATAM pan-regional during the L.A. Screenings 2016.

Going to Germany, Studio 100 Media and Qatar-based beIN have joined forces to create a new channel for the Middle East and North Africa region. Based on the concept of “Junior” channel in Germany, “beJunior” will be available to pay-TV subscribers of the beIN Group and will feature programs from Studio 100’s library of children and family series.

And we’re already looking to the future, one day before MIP-TV concludes: Organizers announced that the Country of Honour for MIPCOM 2016 is going to be Japan.

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