At the upcoming MIPCOM in October, Turkey is the Country of Honor and VideoAge is ready to contribute its part by providing coverage in its Monthly and Dailies.

Turkish broadcasters, producers and international content distribution companies are working feverishly throughout the months of July and August to prepare an extensive program that includes seminars, screenings, red carpets and recreation activities — all coordinated under the umbrella of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

To follow these preparations, VideoAge sent its reporters to Istanbul to visit all the key international distributors and broadcasters. The report will be featured in VideoAge’s MIPCOM monthly edition, while the day-to-day events will be followed in its dailies, beginning on Monday, Octobe5 5, the starting date of the market in Cannes.

Even though the Country of Honor ad-hoc committee will finalize the program next month, the outline is ready and each key protagonist’s role has been determined.

The budget has been set and the government contribution allocated. However, all initiatives originated by individual companies will be financed by them.

VideoAge will start its coverage in the Monthly edition with a front-cover story outlining the production and distribution structure, strategy and business model.

In our Day One (Monday) Daily, VideoAge will feature a front-cover story on the week’s event with up-to-the-minute information about conferences, special events and parties. All events will be reported in VideoAge Daily following editions and all reports will be featured both in its printed editions and online.

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