Soon, the RAI organized Prix Italia, which this year returns to Torino, will publish online a review of the Prix’s past 34 years, out its 67 in existence as seen through the pages of VideoAge.

The title of the e-book is: “Prix Italia in the articles of VideoAge International from 1981 to 2014″ (

After the introduction by British veteran broadcaster James Graham, now honorary president of the Prix, and a preface by VideoAge‘s editor Dom Serafini, the book reports — through more than 80 pages of VideoAge — the evolution of Prix Italia and documents the history of the Italian and international TV industry over the past three decades as reflected by the Prix.

Most of the leaders of the Italian and international TV industry passed through Prix Italia, the first radio and television festival in the world. And these executives are immortalized in the pages of VideoAge, now reproduced in the e-book, which was spearheaded by the Secretary General of the Prix, Paolo Morawski, himself a veteran of the Festival.

Leafing through the book, one will recognize presidents of American studios as well as those of major TV networks such as Rede Globo, ABC, CBS, ZDF, ARD, BBC and, from Canada, CBC. But also commissioners from the FCC (the U.S. agency for telecommunications), presidents of the British telecommunications authority and executives from major advertising agencies.

The book, however, doesn’t just cover historical aspects of television, but also emphasizes the future of television as outlined in the various editions of the Prix.

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