[Updated: 5/1/2015]

It’s Upfronts season in New York City. What used to be a week-long event in which the U.S. broadcast networks unveiled their upcoming shows to advertisers (and press), has expanded into an over-two-month event, covering the U.S. cable networks and (some) digital services’ new shows.

For a full calendar of events, look here.

While many of the networks have been scaling back their big Upfronts presentations this year and holding off on announcing pick-ups for some shows which are still in development (cable series, especially, are on a year-round schedule), all networks want to get in on the Upfront excitement, considering that they bring in billions of dollars.

Below is a list of the cable and digital scripted series that have been picked up, not including summer series and event series. Next week we’ll give you a sneak peek at what broadcast network series have already been picked up, a week ahead of the broadcast Upfront announcements.

A full list, including new series, midseason series and back-ups will be available in VideoAge’s L.A. Screenings Studio edition, out on May 16, the day after the final broadcast Upfronts.

ABC Family:

Follows an 18-year-old who is an angel-human hybrid who hunts demons

Kevin from Work
A workplace comedy centered on a young man who declares his love to a co-worker thinking he’ll never see her again

Recovery Road
A teenage girl deals with addiction


A man is haunted by the past and must come to terms with his true destiny as the anti-christ


Mad Dogs
Dark comedy that follows the reunion of a group of underachieving 40-something friends whose trip becomes a nightmare of lies, deception and murder

The Man in the High Castle
Based on alternative history novel in which Nazi Germany and Japan were the victors of World War II

Just Add Magic
Kelly Quinn and her two BFFs stumble upon her grandmother’s mysterious cookbook and discover it has magical recipes

The Stinky & Dirty Show
Follows the adventures of Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty, the backhoe loader


Zoe Moon
Brandy Norwood plays a single mom starting a new life as a fledgling cosmetics mogul


Kyle Barnes has been plagued by demonic possessions all his life. He embarks on a journey for answers with a preacher who has his own demons


The Art of More
Shines a light on crime going in behind the scenes at New York’s biggest auction houses. Stars Kate Bosworth

An animated series about a group of superheroes who find it hard to live under the same roof


Based on a true story about the two schoolyard pals who built  — and rode — motorcycles at the turn of the 20th Century


Boys of ’67
About the First Platoon of Charlie Company, 9th Infantry Division, the only that was raised, trained and deployed en mass to Vietnam


A bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister coach each other through dating while living under one roof and raising a teenager.

RocketJump: The Show
Each episode chronicles the filmmaking behind RocketJump’s newest short

The Way
A family at the center of a controversial faith-based movement struggle with relationships and power


When Will learns that he is the last member of the magical Shannara family, he must set out to find the Druid who holds the key to his future


Centers on a self-appointed Venice, Calif. guru who falls for the object of his best friend’s fascination

Fuller House
A spin-off of Full House, which Candace Cameron Bure’s character, D.J. Tanner, who is a recently widowed and pregnant veterinarian

A new drama series that takes place in the 1980s and follows the search for a missing boy

Untitled Aziz Ansari comedy
Stars and is written by the former Parks and Recreation star


Game Makers
Sitcom about 12-year-old girls who start a multi-million dollar company

Harvey Beaks
An animated show about a good kid who has never broken the rules, and his two best friends, who have never lived by any

Make It Pop
A comedic, music-infused daily strip about three unique girls who come together to start their own K-Pop-inspired band.

Mutt and Stuff
Live-action preschool series produced by Sid and Marty Krofft. Set in a unique school for dogs, the series stars Calvin Millan, The Puppy Whisperer and son of The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, interacting with a cast of real dogs and puppets

Roll Call
Comedy series shot in a mockumentary style that follows an eclectic group of kids navigating their way through middle school

School of Rock
A live action comedy based on the movie with Jack Black

Shimmer and Shine
An animated, curriculum-based preschool series about twin genies-in-training who unintentionally cause chaos in their attempts to grant wishes for their best friend, Leah

Talia’s Kitchen
A 14-year-old moves in with her grandma and spends time in the kitchen of the family’s restaurant

The W.I.T.S Academy
A spin-off of Every Witch Way


When a cop’s wife goes missing, a secret government unit — that may or not be human — hunt for her


A satirical look at the media, wealth and modern love through the eyes of a fictionalized character based on successful ad man Donny Deutsch

A family must balance staying together with the struggle of the human race

WGN America:

Three fiercely insular families from Kentucky’s Shay Mountain turn to the one who left them to help overcome a grave threat to the community

Seven courageous slaves attempt a daring escape from a plantation as they run 600 dangerous miles north to freedom

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