Universal broadband is around the corner and with it a new business model for the entertainment industry. However, the development and exploitation of the great opportunities offered by broadband depend on how its two key elements will be structured: hardware and software (i.e., the superhighway and content).

For this purpose the U.S., E.U. and U.K. have separately developed digital plans that, in the view of VideoAge’s editor Dom Serafini, do not present incentives but rather obstacles to broadband applications. Plus, those proposals are of the “restructuring” nature that can only be applied to an “analogical” universe.

For this reason Serafini has developed a blueprint to bring broadband, broadcast and the whole entertainment industry in the 21st Century with fairness and enticements. The blueprint, which will be published in the DISCOP edition of VideoAge (and available online at www.videoage.org) will serve as a “green paper,” which after incorporating proposals generated at DISCOP, will develop into a “white paper” and be sent to various telecommunications authorities, with the goal of inducing them to develop a universal plan, since digital technology and Internet are universal tools.

Serafini will also be on hand at DISCOP East, addressing the topic in more detail. For more on the 3Bs, stop by his roundtable discussion.

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