By Leah Hochbaum Rosner

With MIP-TV 2009 approaching faster than usual, buyers and sellers the world over are prepping for a market that’s sure to be a little bit out of the ordinary — what with the worldwide economic crisis having firmly taken hold. But some executives feel that things at the Cannes market, which will be held March 30-April 3, will be business as usual. VideoAge spoke with one such exec, Patrick Elmendorff, managing director of Munich, Germany-based Studio100 Media, to find out what new product he’s bringing to the Palais, why he’s continuing to focus his energies on the countries he knows best and how he feels the global recession will impact those in Cannes.

VideoAge International: What product are you bringing to this year’s MIP-TV?

Patrick Elmendorff: We are focusing on shows for preschoolers and character-driven stories with strong storylines targeting both girls and boys. Our aim is to provide programming that has international appeal, high merchandising potential and broad exploitation opportunities throughout the value chain. Programs include multiplatform quiz show Kerwhizz, puppetry series Big & Small, 3D-animated comedy Zeke’s Pad and children’s telenovela Amika.

VAI: Why does MIP-TV continue to be such an important market for your company?

PE: MIP-TV is important as it enables us to continue with networking opportunities and sales activities and to touch base with new customers as well as to extend existing partnerships that have been fruitful in the past. MIP-TV enables us to present new productions to a large audience, establish customer needs and identify what kinds of programs clients are demanding for the rest of the year and what their plans are for the coming year.

VAI: Are you focusing on any specific territories?

PE: We will be focusing mainly on our key territories, German-speaking countries, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We will also focus on the Benelux, and on France, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

VAI: What do you expect at this year’s MIP-TV and how will the state of the economy affect the market?

PE: As usual, our goals are to maximize revenue, to initiate new deals and to follow up with customers. But buyers and sellers will be cautious this year.

VAI: Finally, do you ever have any time to attend any of the sessions/panels offered at MIP-TV?

PE: Due to our extensive meetings schedule, we usually do not have time to attend. However, we will endeavor to attend some panel sessions during the course of this year’s market.

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