Parot (drama/thriller)
After the annulment of the Parot Doctrine, almost a hundred terrorists, rapists, and serial killers are set free before their sentences are up. One by one, the released convicts turn up murdered in the same way their victims were. Isabel Mora, a police officer who was scarred by the rape she suffered in her youth at the hands of one of the released convicts, will risk it all to catch the vigilante.

PH, Time To Talk (talk show)
Six guests who would never spend a Saturday night together discover that there are more things that unite them than those that separate them. They talk about current issues, discuss some controversial issues, and solve team activities. Together they are surprised to discover their meeting points.

Entangled (drama series) (pictured)
After a car accident, Daniel gets an urgent operation. With his very poor condition, his mother, Miriam, and his wife, Rebeca, start calling friends and loved ones to tell them the news. Rebeca never imagined that an emergency call would reveal that an unknown woman was also in the car, having disappeared without a trace.

Rising (adventure series)
This adventure series takes on a seemingly innocent training farm that secretly functions as a Strike Forces training base and recruitment center for exceptional teens, as well as a home-base for illegal immigration missions and special ops against the British mandate. Brother and sister Emile and Elinore soon realize they’re better off sticking together if they want to survive through the exhausting training, the imminent dangers, and the surprising secret that comes to light.

The Story of the Songs (documentary/factual)
Each episode focuses on a different music legend, exploring the stories behind some of the most iconic songs of the last century. From Aretha Franklin to Celine Dion, Madonna to Metallica, each episode of the series will reveal how three of each artists’ most emblematic songs came to life and how they inspired entire generations.

Victoria Small (dramedy)
Jazmin, Barbara, Emma and Selva are four women who wish to be moms. Their lives become intertwined when Victoria is born, and their dreams turn into complicated reality. To raise her, all four will have to settle their differences and learn how to raise a very modern young woman in a very complicated world.

R (dramedy)
For Franco Barron, every day’s the same, an unending and boring routine. At work, he’s mistreated by a boss who’s 20 years younger than him. At home, his wife humiliates him, and his teenage kids pay him no attention. When a routine medical checkup leads to a terminal cancer diagnosis, he decides to free himself to fully enjoy the time he has left.

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