The Internationals (thriller)
After 11 years behind bars, Fausto brings together a group of young people and seeks to instill in them the ancient codes of “Los Internacionales.” They travel to Argentina to take advantage of the country’s economic crisis and steal money and jewelry.

R (dramedy)
Thinking he has a terminal illness, a dull middle-aged man decides to kill a powerful monster of a person. As he is chased by drug dealers, he learns that his diagnosis was the result of a typo and believes that a real terminal patient may be the only key to saving his life.

N00bees 2 (teen telenovela) (pictured)
Silvia has taken a break from the N00bees to enjoy her life with her boyfriend David. Meanwhile, “Gameover,” an AI villain, plans his revenge from Avatar City.

Homens 2 (comedy)
Four friends in their 30s face an unexpected problem when one of them learns that he is impotent. When a doctor doesn’t seem to offer any help, his brotherhood of friends come to action and explore what it means to be a contemporary man.

Ana (comedy)
The daughter of a Mexican beauty queen pursues her own career in Hollywood. As she becomes a star, she realizes that her life has been ruled by appearances and her mother’s unaccomplished dreams.

Backdoor (comedy)
Adapted from the famous Brazilian comedy channel, “Porta dos Fundos,” this format features satirical and funny sketches about different social situations.

Se Rentan Cuartos (sitcom)
After the Garza family becomes bankrupt, they have no choice but to take shelter in the only property they have left: an old mansion converted into a guest house. Immersed in a world that they have always despised, the Garzas become embroiled in a class struggle.

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