A Woman Scorned (drama series) (pictured)
When Asya met Volkan, she was alone in her own world. Years later, Asya discovers Volkan’s affair with Derin. She also finds out that all their friends knew about this relationship, but no one ever told her. Asya refuses to be a victim and vows to exact revenge on her husband and everyone else who betrayed her.

Flames Of Fate (drama series)
Cemre, Rüya, and Ciçek cross paths during a fire in a cistern. They each have very different stories: Cemre, along with her little daughter, tries to escape the violent nightmare of a marriage she has fallen into; Rüya has never faced the bitter side of truth in her beautiful, privileged life; and Ciçek is on the verge of losing her identity and her beauty while trying to start anew. Nothing will ever be the same once the flames burn out.

Love Is In The Air (drama series)
When the media mistakenly links her with the heir to a major holding company, Eda couldn’t be more horrified. Serkan is an arrogant, self-centered control freak who embodies everything she hates. But the unlikely pair come to an arrangement: Eda will pretend to be his fiancée until his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and Serkan will reinstate her scholarship so she can get her degree. But what starts as a simple deal doesn’t stay simple for long…

Nehir (drama series)
Tarik and Nazim struggle to assume each other’s identities for the love of Nehir, who attempts to escape her dark past. For the trio, every new day creates more lies. Is the truth the only thing that can set them all free?

The Agency (drama series)
After graduating school, Dicle ends up at the most famous film agency, Ego Ajans. What should be a dream job becomes a nightmare as she slaves day and night for her high-strung boss, and her estranged father plots to get her fired.

A Miracle (medical drama series)
Ali, an autistic savant medical school graduate, dreams of becoming a surgeon. His godfather decides to give him a chance and hires him for a six-month trial period at a private hospital.

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