Make It With You (romance series) (pictured)
Billie and Gabo meet in Croatia where the two develop a friendship. When Gabo returns to the Philippines to run his wealthy family’s company, Billie is left heartbroken.

24|7 (crime mystery series)
Mia works as a night shift security guard at a hospital to provide for her son Xavier. When a severe strain of dengue spreads and Xavier is infected, Mia will stop at nothing for a cure.

The Killer Bride (drama series)
New to the town of Las Espadas, Emma claims to be possessed by the ghost of Camila dela Torre, an heiress who was imprisoned for murder. Some residents believe Emma’s possession to be the fulfillment of the Killer Bride’s curse and the fruition of her revenge.

I Am U (drama series)
Elise welcomes her doppelgänger, Rose, into her life with open arms, but soon comes to think that this was a mistake. A game of “Truth or Dare” leads to a fatal accident for Rose. Elise and her friends cover up the incident, but some mysteriously meet their own demise.

Your Moment (talent competition)
The best dancing and singing duos and groups from around the world compete in this breakthrough 2-in-1 talent reality competition.

Gold Stars (talent competition)
Men and women who are 50 or older take to the stage to sing an old song and a modern song in one performance. The competitors will prove that they can keep up with the younger generation by singing any type of song.

Everybody Sing (game show)
This community-oriented singing game show features 100 players who sing and help one another win in a series of sing-along games. Ultimately, everyone works together in the tension-filled jackpot round in order to win the grand prize.


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