Berlinale organizers have decided to disinvite five previously invited far right AfD (Alternative for Germany) German politicians to the event’s opening ceremony. Berlinale will take place February 15-25, 2024.

The festival has repeatedly pointed out that it observes with concern how anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim resentment, hate speech and other anti-democratic and discriminatory attitudes are on the rise in Germany.

“Especially in light of the revelations that have been made in recent weeks about explicitly anti-democratic positions and individual politicians of the AfD, it is important for us as the Berlinale and as a team — to take an unequivocal stand in favor of an open democracy. We have therefore today written to all previously invited AfD politicians and informed them that they are not welcome at the Berlinale,” said the Berlinale’s director duo, Mariëtte Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian, in a statement.

The AfD party is polling in second place nationwide and has become an urgent concern for all mainstream parties in Germany in view of the upcoming communal and European elections in June. The party’s policy is anti-EU, anti-immigrant and disputes that human activity is a cause of climate change.

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